Before we begin, I need to provide a disclaimer.  Any attempt to speak of God the Father in human terms is inadequate.  He cannot be reduced to some sort of anthropomorphic representation.  It is not my intent now, or ever, to reduce God.  On the contrary, we are in our best places when we exalt Him.  On the other hand, He wrapped Himself in flesh in the person of His Son so that we could see Him more clearly.  Furthermore, He breathed of His very own Spirit into inanimate matter to create man.  He has, thus, presented Himself to us in both modes (spirit and flesh) that we might more clearly grasp His reality.  My position is that it is clear He wants us to know Him.  Herein, I will speak in fairly intimate terms regarding the ineffable.  In so doing, I can only address a portion of the topic.  The shortcomings in this treatment are my own, not His.

God created.  Before anything was created, the Godhead was.  Because time was created along with the rest of the Creation, there was no time before time was created.  I say time was created because it wasn’t needed when there was only the uncreated Eternal.  Time and space were created with the rest of the Creation to give the Creation shape and continuity.  They do not govern the Eternal though.  I simply assert here, without proof (see Chapter 6 of Birth of the Holy Nation for more development) that the Creation is carried in the bosom of the Eternal.  This is so because the Eternal is unconstrained in its existence, while the Created has dimensions.  Further, because of the nature of the Eternal, it is everywhere the Creation is.  Then, the Creation resides within the Eternal.  (The Eternal permeates the Creation but is not constrained by it.)  I say “in the bosom” as a way to anchor this concept, not that the Eternal has a bosom as we know such things.

I further assert here that God was purposeful in creating the Creation.  The Creation is not a lab experiment gone awry.  Its creation was purposeful and the purpose was found in the Godhead.  For some deliberate reason, God decided to create the Creation.  Whatever that reason is, the Creation exists within the context of the reasons of the Godhead.  The use of the idea of the bosom is to invoke our understanding that the Creation is nurtured, not just purposed, in the personality of God.

We use the metaphor of the “heart” to speak of love.  Our mindset is that the heart is the seat of love.  We even use such ideas as “keeping” a loved one in our hearts.  When we turn our attention to the juxtaposition of God’s purposes and His love, we must consider that love is at least part of the motivation for the Creation because “God is love.”

Few of us question that God the Father exhibits and expresses great love for Jesus the Son.  In the Eternal, this love must be a central feature.  Within the Godhead, the very essence of the co-existence must be colored by that mutual love.  Using a human way of looking at things, Jesus is existentially “in the heart” of His Father.  That is to say, the heart of God is the “place” within which Jesus is found.  Surely we know that He sits at the right hand of God in the context of rule.  Herein, though, I am speaking of His existence, not His activity.  In the context of His existence, He resides (exists) in the core of the being of God Himself – His heart.

We are found in Christ.  Thus, we are found in the heart of God.  This is the place of the eternal, spiritual existence of the sons of God because they are found in the Christ, who is Jesus who occupies this place in the Eternal.  If we are in Christ and He is in the heart of God, we are there as well.  Most humans cannot reconcile themselves to an intimate existence with God.  In varying forms, from theology to atheism, they attempt to “ban” God to a place far away to avoid the perceived discomfort of being near Him, even “in” Him.  But the sons who choose to avail themselves of the place of their destiny reside “in the heart of God.”